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Virtual events offer brands the ability to reach a greater audience without the constraints of geo-location, but they can be challenging. They require event hosts to constantly provide content that keeps people focused and engaged. Let’s face it, maintaining retention is hard since you are competing for attention against any number of distractions at home. Virtual attendees can step away at any time unlike at a live industry event where they remain involved.

Additionally, virtual events require the attendees to sit in front of their computer screen for long periods of time. Virtual events can be draining, so it is vital to offer enough interesting content to make sure people return, eager to see what’s next.


Gamification can be one of the easiest ways to keep your audience engaged during your virtual event. Games help keep the momentum going and boost participation. Apart from providing entertainment, games at events have strategic advantages as well. They promote healthy competition by having users engage in friendly rivalry with their peers while helping to build on core skills. Games can also be an important tool to familiarize employees with company products, sponsors, and teammates, which in turn, can help lead to better sales pitches and product knowledge.

For those highly-driven, top performers who strive in competitive settings, our skill-based games with leaderboards and badges are incredibly incentivizing and motivating. These types of more-exhilarating games are ideal for sales kick-off events, new product roll-outs, and can be a great opportunity to engage sponsors for the prizes.

Games also provide a needed break to blow off steam and to have a little fun. WeBooth also offers non-competitive games allowing any attendees with event burnout some easy downtime participating in a stress-relieving activity.


This is where WeBooth comes in! Our suite of fully customizable, multi-user games provide a virtual experience that people at home will want to take part in. Our browser-based games are easy to access and can be embedded into your event site or virtual event platform with ease.


Here is just a small sample of some of the games we offer for your virtual event:

Everyone loves a good game of trivia. TRIVIA TIME offers various custom, multiple choice questions. Questions can be text, image, video, or audio and can be customized to be relevant to your event.

Our version of Pictionary, SKETCHY allows one player to see a phrase then draws it for the other participants. The first person to guess it in the time allotted gets the points. The clues can all be customized to be relevant for your event. This experience is highly competitive, fun, and really highlights the strengths of users. Our most successful reviews are when a live host is hired (actor, comedian, entertainer, anyone who can make it a memorable and fun experience) to oversee everything and keeps all the participants entertained and engaged. Users can work as teams and can compete in groups enhancing some major team building and laughter.

MEMORY MATCH is particularly effective as a learning tool when you have new products to roll out or want to build on company culture knowledge. Just like the classic Memory game, various cards with images on them are placed face down. See how many pairs you can collect in the time allotted. The fronts and the backs of the cards can be customized to be relevant for your event.

ASTEROID BLASTER is our version of Asteroids, the classic arcade game. Each player floats and moves through outer space in a spaceship destroying flying asteroids and avoiding colliding with them as they spin through space. And for those competitive, arcade-loving types, WeBooth also offers FROGGY where you get yourself across a myriad of obstacles. Watch out for the car!!! [SPLAT]

Still competitive but a little more mindless, or mindful as the case may be, is SNAKE ESCAPE where each player is a snake, maneuvering with arrows on their keyboard. Slither around collecting tokens, but be sure to not touch the other player’s (snakes) tails. The last one standing wins.

CROSSWORD CHALLENGE is always a winner especially when wanting to build on any new event knowledge or basic company vocabulary where each word is worth various points. See who can fill in the crossword puzzle the fastest.

And those not so diehard, competitive games for those attendees needing a reset can be found in our 3D SCAVENGER HUNT, which is our 3D world with custom avatars. Create your player and compete to see who can find all 30 objects in this fun, open-world game. Some anti-stress art therapy abounds in COLORTIME or a more dialed-up, collaborative version in PAINT PARTY.

WeBooth would love to chat with you about creating customizable games for your next event. We guarantee our games will bring people together, provide meaningful interaction, and boost your overall event engagement.

Contact us for a demo today!

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