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WEBOOTH technology increases attendee engagement at virtual and hybrid events

Designed specifically for virtual gameplay value and scalability, the WEBOOTH gamification technology platform is proud to release new industry-leading features.

The breakthrough solution is capable of fully integrating into any virtual event platform or website. It is the first solution enabling event and marketing professionals to truly gamify their virtual and hybrid events with single plug-in technology.

Previously, event planning professionals faced the challenge of activating virtual experiences that lacked the fun and entertaining ways for attendees to interact.

In the past, they managed event activations with subpar solutions like static, single-user photo booths, games requiring PDF downloads, or worse yet, with no gameplay at all during breaks.

These advancements to the plug-and-play WEBOOTH technology simplifies the process of delivering engaging branded experiences.

The flexible and customizable solution is easy for virtual platform companies to build into any event type. It also offers the latest engagement and monetization features as well as the following first-to-market capabilities:

  • Agility: With this one interactive solution, event platforms can switch at a moment’s notice into a fun and highly interactive experience

  • Ease of Use: Event and marketing professionals can add interactivity and gamification to virtual events quickly with a streamlined process

  • Scalability: Event organizers can save time and effort by using their same platform for more engaging interactive experiences

  • Live & Virtual Event: Platform technology enables event planners to create highly interactive moments for live event attendees to interact with people online simultaneously and at the venue.

  • Customizable Games: The platform supports a wide range of games (competitive and non-competitive) that attendees can play together as a team, from trivia, pictionary, scavenger hunts, and many more

  • Multi-User Experiences: Planners can choose from small gamified breakout experiences to large-scale, live-streamed interactive sessions reaching thousands of attendees, all within their existing platform.

  • Native AR: The WEBOOTH native AR uses the web browser to deliver branded AR experiences quickly and easily for virtual and hybrid event attendees across all platforms, devices, and mobile OS.

  • Best-In-Class Reporting and Analytics: Metrics on gameplay engagement scores, sentiment add additional value to any Virtual Events Platform.

Live or virtual events: WEBOOTH technology is well-versed in making any event more fun and engaging. Our platform delivers next-level virtual and live experience interactivity, enabling you to focus on building a greater sense of community for the attendees you serve.

To learn more or see the WEBOOTH in action, contact the sales team at

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